Monday, June 22, 2009

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Obama's Space

Obama's space is bold, smooth and sleek just just the President of the United States. The environment that he works in must be open and feel as though he is being restricted. The surrounding glass walls gives the sense of freedom allowing him to work better and authorise his power properly.

Madonna's Space

Madonna's space is a rehearsal studio allowing preparatory in her music events and performances. There is 2 levels of studio space giving her the power to have two rehearse 2 performances simultaneously with her going back and forth.

The Bridge

The newly designed bridge symbolises that power can be passed around. When you walk through the bridge, you can get knocked around and hence, the power is given to someone else to make the world a better place.

Meeting Space

The meeting space for Obama and Madonna is a place where they share equal power. The meeting space is design so that it represents a nice flow of power in between the two high-power figures. The dining table also shows this balance of power. There is one supporting column to hold up both sides.


Applied Textures

Dining Table

Obama's Elevator (Unreal Tournament)

Obama's Elevator (SketchUp)

Student Review 2

Student Review 1

Madonna's Space